ARK FJORDUR Fenrir Skoll & Hati Boss + Chrono Rex! (GAIA2 MODDED) ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED E1.4

Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Fenrir Andrewsarchus Desmodus Gaia2 Mod Modded
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●Today in the video we:
-Continue the new adventure with Gaia2 mod on Fjordur Map!
-Team up with Froggyman and go fight our first Fjordur Boss!
-Battle Fenrir Boss Skoll & Hati!
-Go on the hunt for a Chrono Creature to tame!
-Tame two Chrono Rex!
-Level up our new Alpha Chrono Rex in the lava cave!
-Finally find an amazing Magmasaur egg!
-Hatch a baby Magmasaur!
-Name the dinos after comment suggestions!

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